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All Title documents need to be originals, no copies can be processed. Titles cannot be issued or transferred through the internet. We recommend you do these transactions in person at our agency. If this is not possible, we can help you doing them by mail. Please email us with the exact details of you transaction and we will send you instructions on how to proceed.


To transfer a title into your name you need the completely filled out title. The clerk will reject the title if your name, the sale price or the odometer fields are not completely filled out. A Bill of Sale is not required but highly recommended.






If your title is not issued in Florida, you will need to bring the car to our agency for inspection. If you cannot bring the car to the agency, the verification can be done by a Florida Notary Public or a police officer of any jurisdiction on section 8 of this form.


A title transfer for an automobile or motorcycle costs $ 96.25. You will have to pay 7% sales tax on the first $ 5,000 of the purchase price of the car and 6% for amounts over $ 5,000. This amount does not include plates and registrations (see previous section). If all your paperwork is correct, you can have your title printed out right at our agency (fast title). There is a $ 17 surcharge to use the Fast Title service. Otherwise, the title will be mailed to you by DMV within about two weeks.


If your title is electronic (E-title), we can print it out as long as the lien is released. Make sure your lienholder confirms that they released the lien before you come to our agency.


To get a duplicate title, you need to come to our agency with your Drivers License or Passport. You will get the actual title within about two weeks by mail. The fee is $ 87.25. Fast title service is available for duplicate titles with a surcharge of $ 20. We can print out the title right at our office.


If you lost your title and you are selling your vehicle to another private person, we can transfer the vehicle without title if both parties come to our agency personally (duplicate with transfer). The transfer fees are around $ 70 higher than on a regular transfer.


Title transfer fees for vessels are a lot lower, around $ 35. Sales Tax on vessels is the same as for cars and motorcycles.


Fast Titles are for those who don't want to wait, we can print one for you on the spot rather than waiting. Available for $ 


We accept cash, cashier's checks and credit cards 

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