• 800 71st St Miami Beach, FL 33141
  • +1 305-868-3277
  • info@beachautotag.com
  • +1 305-868-3277
  • 800 71st St Miami Beach, FL 33141
  • info@beachautotag.com


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High Occupancy Vehicle Decal HOV

An Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV) or a Hybrid vehicle certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may be driven in a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane at any time…

Disabled Person Parking Placard

Our agency issues permanent and temporary parking placards and plates for disabled persons. We do not issue stroller permits. Information about stroller permits can be found here.…

Coming into Florida from out of State

In the state of Florida, a motor vehicle or vessel is required by law to be registered within ten days of the owner either becoming employed, placing children in public school, or…


We process new and duplicate titles for cars, vessels, motorcycles and scooters. All Title documents need to be originals, no copies can be processed. Titles cannot be issued or transferred…


We do registration renewals, new registrations and replace lost or stolen licence plates, stickers or registrations for cars, vessels, motorcycle and scooters. You get everything right…